The farm


On the farm we are engaged  in an ecological part time farm. On our 41 hectare of land we have chosen to  stake on both agriculture and forestry. Half the land is primarily used for  grain-growing. We are doing most of the field work ourselves and with our own  machines. In addition to that we are working together with another ecologist,  which means that we have “visitors” during the grazing season, a heard of cows.


The other half of the land is used for forestry. Originally the moor was overgrown mainly with mugo pine, which will continue to characterise the forest. However, with different plants, grown in our forest nursery, a much more varying forest is established, where different shades are creating a play of colours.

The forest produces both decoration greenery and wood, which is our only source of heat. In addition to that, meat from the game brought down is a form part of our household.

Vegetable garden:

We have a large ecological vegetable garden with lots of vegetables and herbs. Harvesting takes place from June until October.

We aspire to breeding our own products from soil to mouth. We are to the greatest possible extent self-sufficient with meat and vegetables.

Water holes:

There are more water holes on the terrain. A moor is the result of earlier peat-digging as well as a dammed lake containing a variety of insects. Trout fishing will be possible periodically. Besides, our terrain is annexed to a large forest area, for which reason a natural fauna of game invites for experiences. Especially the view of the red deer always calls for enthusiasm.


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