Dog and cats: Our dog is called Zenta and she is born in may 2005. Zenta is a very happy and  lively dog. 

We have 2-3 grown cats. During the summer season we always have kittens, with whom the children love to fondle and play.

Poultry: We have fowls, chickens, pidgins, and pea fowls. Usually we get chickens several times during the summer. The chickens are in  small, movable cages and are easy to get to.

Rabbits: We have several rabbits free-living as well as caged. Mostly we get more litter of young rabbits during the summer. The children are allowed to get into the cages to be with the rabbits, pick milk tubs etc.

Horse: Klaus is our horse and is of the breed Norwegian Pony. However, he like to go for a ride with the carriage into the forest



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