Activities on the farm and for children

The animals:

When a family arrives at ‘Nørkær’, it is our experience that the children will immediately start exploring the place and very often the kittens, the young rabbits, and chickens are catching their attention. So it can be hard for the parents to make them leave the animals for the rest of the holiday. It is mainly the animals our guests enjoy themselves hugging and playing with. Most of our animals thus know “good morning” and “goodnight” in different languages.

Horse and carriage ride:

We have a horse, his name is Klaus.

We can offer a ride for 1-2 hours in carriage in the forest for the whole family. Riding the carriage through the State forest, we usually get very close to the deer.

Games and playing facilities:

The football field is frequently used for scoring like Ronaldo or who else is the greatest player just  now – if you can attract the whole family to participate, it will be just super.  We have different games for the convenience of our guests.  It is okay to bring along your own games. We have a climbing frame and huge swings providing a sinking feeling. For the small children there is a smaller swing, sand bow, and a play house.

The lake:

We have small lakes where it from time to time is possible to angle and maybe get a trout for supper or there is plenty of possibilities of playing and exploring life by the lake. Catching tadpoles is great fun for little fingers.

Walks and rides on bicycles:

There is every facility  for short or longer walks at ‘Nørkær’ in the State forest or in the area  hereabout. Traffic can be avoided completely. Have you brought your own bicycle the forrest is very suitable for a long ride.

Terrace and garden:

On the covered terrace you will find garden furniture for outdoor eating and a barbecue. There is unrestricted access to the garden. Sun bathing on the terrace or in the garden reading a good book, while the children are playing, might be an attractive option for the adults. From July we have berry-bearing shrubs – please feel free to taste. It is possible to collect limbs and lit a fire in the evenings.


Inside the house there is a variety of games and space for drawing at the dining table.

Television set with parabolic reflector. German and Scandinavian channels is available.

We can offer a lot of space and freedom for children to use their imagination enjoying to explore the area and nature according to their age.

We wish to emphasise that you as parents have the full responsibility of your children, for instance by the lake, being with the horse or climbing trees. Naturally, you must make sure that the children are handling the animals with care.


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