The area has a wide  selection of possibilities of angling.

“that means you can get exactly the kind of excitement which is perfect for you”,

 whether you like: 

·        sea fishery from cutter

·        shore fishing

·        pier fishing

·        stream angling

·        Put and take

·        Or, teach your child the hunch of worm, hook, and nature

On “Nørkær” we have small lakes where It, from time to time, is possible to angle and maybe get a single trout for supper. A nice place for angling with the children. You can dig for worms in the vegetable garden.

Harbour entrance with piers situated a good ½ hours drive from here. Fishing admission is required if you are between the age of 18 and 67 years, and can be bought at post offices for 100 DKr/a year. Herring, scombrid, and garfish regularly ensure a good taking, whereas taking of flatfish is possible the whole season. In the harbours it will be possible to go sea fishing offered by one of the local cutters.

Walking by the stream with fly, spinner, and live bait is properly just the thing for the somewhat experienced angler. There are many exiting fishing grounds from 5 to 30 minutes drive from here.

The Hover stream is very close by and happens to be one of the finest trout streams in West Jutland. The grayling lives there as well. Permission card for a day can be assigned for short distances or fishing permission can be bought through travel agency – for instance

Ringkøbing turistbureau
6950 Ringkøbing
tlf.: 97320031

If you go to the Skjern stream 20 minutes drive from here, there is a good chance of getting salmon of the old strain as well as sea trout.

The Skjern stream is known for having been recreated with bends corresponding to the original state before it became cultivated land. The most large-scaled project to this date replacing the land to the original nature has obtained a strong foothold resulting in an immence bird life. The fishing season in the Skjern stream goes from April 16th to September 14th. Permission card for a day can be bought through travel agency.


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